Alto High Performance Overhaul Kits

OHK contains: Gaskets, Rings and Seals

MOK contains: Overhaul kit, Alto Red Eagle frictions, & Kolene steels

Super Kit contains: Master kit components along with a modulator, bushing kit, & filter

019800HP Powerglide HP OHK 62-73 (shown above) $38.25
019901HP Powerglide HP Master OHK $162.75
019901AHP Powerglide HP Master OHK w/ Powerpack* $257.75
019901AHPSK Powerglide HP Super Kit $404.95
031800HP TH400 HP OHK 68-95 $33.25
031901HP TH400 HP Master OHK (Int Steels W/ holes) $182.95
031901HPPWR TH400 HP Master OHK W/Direct Powerpack* $207.50
031901HPSK TH400 HP Super Kit (Int Steels W/ holes) $263.95
031901HPPWRSK TH400 HP Super Kit W/Direct PowerPack* $288.50
032804HP TH350/C High Performance OHK 69-86 $33.25
032905HP TH350/C HP Master OHK $211.25
032905HPSK TH350/C HP Super Kit (Also includes Band, Front Pump & Ext Hsg Bushings) $262.25
025804HP C4 HP OHK w/o Band Nut 69-82 $40.25
025903HP C4 HP Master OHK $134.25
025903HPPWR C4 HP Master OHK W/Rev PowerPack* $229.95
025903HPSK C4 HP Super Kit $201.50
025903HPPWRSK C-4 HP Super Kit W/Rev PowerPack* $297.25
C6 HP OHK w/o Band Nut L67-E76 $44.50
026802HP C6 HP OHK 76-96 $29.5
026901HP C6 HP Master OHK L67-E76 $215.75
026901HPSK C6 HP Super Kit L67-E76 $326.95
026903HP C6 HP Master OHK 76-96 $184.50
026903HPSK C6 HP Super Kit 76-96 $296.95
028903HP TF-8 A727 HP Master OHK $127.95
028903HPPWR TF-8 A727 HP Master OHK W/Front PowerPack* $193.50
028903HPSK TF-8 A727 HP Super Kit $158.25
028903HPPWRSK TF-8 A727 HP Super Kit W/Front PowerPack* $223.95

*See Clutch page for information on Powerpack

Prices Subject to change and do not include shipping

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$5.00 ea 5 for $20.00


019918 Powerglide 031948A TH400 FLAT BRASS 67-89
032940 TH350 BRASS 68-86    
025942 C4 THICK 025944 C4 late 69-82
025946 C4 deep 026940 C6 EARLY 66-74
026944 C6 LATE 76-88 049940 AOD 80-96
049944 AOD/E 90-96    
028940 TF 727/904 SMALL FELT 60-65 028942 TF 727 904 SMALL BRASS
028946 TF 727/904 LARGE BRASS    

Prices Subject to change and do not include shipping