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Red Eagle® Friction and Kolene Steel Clutches


019750D Powerglide HP FR/ST Module with Powepack* $185.25
019752HP Powerglide HP Friction module $55.50
019753HP Powerglide HP Steel Module $56.95
019755HP Powerglide HP Powerpack* $125.75
031750AHPPWR TH400 HP FR/ST Module w/ Powerpack* 65-95 $139.75
031752HP TH400 HP Friction Module $52.50
031753HP TH400 HP Steel Module


031755HP TH400 HP Fwd PowerPack* $83.00
031756HP TH400 HP Direct PowerPack* $111.95
032752HP TH350,C HP Friction Module 69-86 $71.50
032753HP TH350,C HP Steel Module 69-86 $74.50
025750HPPWR C4 HP FR/ST Module W/ Rev PowerPack* 69-82 $151.95
025752HP C4 HP Friction Module $43.50
025753HP C4 HP Steel Module $31.75
025755A C4 HP Reverse PowerPack* $118.95
026752HP C6 HP Friction Module L67-E76


026753HP C6 HP Steel Module L67-96 $60.50
026752AHP C6 HP FR/ST Module 76-96 $100.25
028750HPPWR TF-8 A727 HP FR/ST W/Front PowerPack 62+ $127.50
028752HP TF-8 A727 HP Friction Module 62-97 $42.00
028753HP TF8,A727 HP Steel Module 62-97 $33.00
028755 TF8 HP Front PowerPack 62+ $86.50
*Alto PowerPacks® are the industry standard in Hi-Performance and
Heavy-Duty applications. PowerPacks® are specially engineered
clutch packs designed with additional clutches to increase friction
plate capacity. This capacity increase enables torque load to spread
overmore friction area, resulting in a clutch pack that can handle higher
torque load with reduced heat generation. These PowerPacks® are
available on themost popular racing units in both stock andRed Eagle®
Hi-Performance lining.

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