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Red Eagle® High Performance

Alto is the recognized leader in High-Performance Friction material. We are the original manufacturer of Red Eagle® friction materials. Our clutches have been used in Hi-Performance applications for over 20 years.

Alto manufactures a wide range of High-Performance friction materials, Kolene® steel plates and Red Eagle bands. We also package High-Performance Rebuilding Kits.
Our Red Eagle line has a unique dual saturation, which imparts high friction properties and high heat resistance.

Red Eagle Friction

Clutches fail in High-Performance applications due to excessive heat. Our specially designed original Red Eagle clutches withstand higher temperatures than any other clutch available. Our original material is designed to limit the amount of "slip" by providing a shorter lock-up time, generating less heat.

Our proprietary process starts with the friction paper saturated in a phenolic resin, cured, and then saturated a second time in a silicate. The silicate imparts high heat resistance.

Red Eagle clutches:

  • Are designed with a softer, more resilient base paper.
  • Assure less wear against opposing steel plates.
  • Reduce the incidence of steel plates burning and warping.

The original Red Eagle clutches increased surface area provides:

  • Increased surface area for increased holding
  • Increased surface area for increased heat absorption
  • Increased surface area for shorter lock-up time - decreasing "slippage"

Red Eagle clutches are also designed to dissipate oil without the necessity of an oil groove.

Kolene Steel

Kolene® is a salt bath nitriding process. In generic terms, it is a thermochemical diffusion process, whereby ferrous parts are processed in molten salt with a specific nitrogen potential. In plain English, it provides a surface treatment that enhances wear and fatigue resistance from 200% to 500%.

Kolene plates offer higher heat resistant and increased lubricity.

Kolene is a registered trademark of Kolene Corporation.

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