Powerglide Pumps

TCI Gerotor Pump

TCI® Gerotor Pumps offer several design advantages over the OEM involute-style pumps, including improved low RPM flow and reduced horsepower consumption. The aluminum style significantly reduces pump weight by six pounds from the overall transmission weight without sacrificing strength and dissipates heat more efficiently than the factory pump. Both styles have bolt-in, heat-treated stator support tubes and dry film lubricated gears to reduce friction and wear.

  • Friction-reduction coated to decrease drag
  • Aluminum dissipates heat quickly for added durability
  • Bolt-in stator support tube eliminates tube flex & twist
  • High volume pumps also handle line pressures up to 300psi
743500 TCI Steel Geroter Pump $540.00
743510 TCI Steel Ringless Gerotor Pump $600.00
743520 TCI Cast Aluminum Gerotor Pump $550.00
743525 TCI Cast Aluminum Ringless Pump $575.00

Reid Racing PGP 1

This is not a rebuild or just a partial replacement - it's 100% brand new and complete! The PGP1 has been designed from scratch to strengthen and update the Powerglide pump for your racing applications.

  • Larger pump gears for more low RPM volume and pressure.
  • Extra volume to prevent rocking or backing up when transbrake is applied
  • Stiffer castings with ribs to prevent flexing and pressure loss at high line pressure
  • High strength cast iron for maximum rigidity and minimum distortion at high temperatures
  • Custom, high strength stator support shaft to handle high horse power
  • Extra clamping bolts (7 total) to hold pump halves together at high pressure
  • Redesigned oil pathways to increase flow to converter and cooler
  • High clutch drum bushing pressure feed
  • Factory machined for roller thrust bearing
Reid Powerglide Transmission Pump

RaceTrans Pro Pump

  • Larger Pump Gears
  • Extra Clamping Bolts
  • Stiffer Castings
  • Redesigned Oil Circuitry
  • High Strength Stator Support Shaft


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