Input Shafts

TCI Input shafts

TCI® has made some design changes in our hardened input shafts for better performance and reliability. They have increased lubrication flow and strength. A resized diameter provides optimum stress distribution along entire length of shaft along with extended high-gear splines to the oil ring. CNC-machined from billet stock, heat-treated and cryogenically stress relieved.

TCI® offers input shafts made from aircraft quality Vaccu Melt 300 steel billet, VASCO 300 material and their breakthrough proprietary material found in our new PRO-X™ input shafts. Engines producing over 800 horsepower need VASCO 300 for maximum performance. Engines that have 1200 + hp should be paired with our PRO-X™ input shafts. For 1500+ hp use PRO-X™ ringless input shaft. The Turbo-spline shaft allows installation of a Turbo 350/400 converter in your Powerglide. These shafts require some minor machining of the stator support to accommodate the included turbo support bushing. They also offer input shafts that will allow the use of a 17-spline Powerglide converter with the Turbo-350/400 transmission


749600 Powerglide vacumelt 300 1.76 turbo spline input shaft $148.75
749601 Powerglide Vasco 1.76 turbo spline input shaft $330.25
749602 Powerglide Pro-X 1.76 ring style input shaft $437.00
749603 Powerglide Pro-X 7.16 ringless input shaft $486.00
749700 Powerglide Vacumelt 300 1.76 PG spline input shaft $148.75


Transmission Specialties

Transmission Specialties Input Shaft

Pt# 2517M Transmission Specialties 300M Turbo Spline Input Shaft

300M Steel is 24% stronger than 4340 material. This is an excellent input shaft for the money spent.

Recommended for up to 1150 H.P.



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