Gear Sets

For off-road and racing applications only. No provision for speedometer or governor.

2540S Transmission specialties gearset

Transmission Specialties

Strongest gear set available with 9310 hardened steel, 4340 forged steel output 12 diametrical pitch tooth (1.5 times thicker than a 1.76 gear) Straight cut 1.80 gears means no thrust loading, less friction, quicker E.T.'s!!! Recommended up to 2000 HP New 1.80 ring gear with one year warranty on complete gear set. All new pins, thrust washers, bearings and gear housing.
2540S PG 1.80 Gear Set Std or Shorty $850.00
2540SS PG 1.69 Gear Set Std or Shorty $850.00
2540S 300M PG 1.80 Gear Set with 300M Shaft Std or Shorty $925.00
2540SS 300M PG 1.69 Gear Set with 300M shaft Std or Shorty $925.00

Sonnax Planetary Assemblies

Track-proven to 2,000 horsepower, Sonnax Premium planetaries are an ideal choice when extra durability is needed at a reasonable cost in demanding applications.

1.80 Ratio Premium planetary assembly kit 28180G-01 features premium-processed sun and pinion gears that are a big step up from standard case-hardened and tempered varieties. A top-quality material combined with a special heat-treating process results in gears with improved grain structure and stability that are tougher and more wear resistant.

  • Top-quality sun and pinion gears deliver outstanding durability
  • High-strength output shaft resists twisting and breakage
  • Bolt-together carrier for ease of service

1.69, 1.58 & 1.65 Ratios Available - Call for price.

Currently out of stock due to supply chain issues.


1.80 Standard Length straight-cut Planetary

Call For Price



1.80 Shorty Straight- Cut Planetary Call For Price  

For off-road and racing applications only. No provision for speedometer or governor.


TCI Low Gear Planet

TCI 2.75 Low Gear Planetary for TH400

TCI offers these low gear replacement planetary sets for several of the more popular transmissions. With additional reduction in first and second gear, these sets work great in all types of applications requiring additional gear for better takeoff. In everything from heavy drag cars to off-road 4x4s to tow trucks, a TCI low gear planetary set can improve low-end power.


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