Powerglide Drums

Powerglide Steel Drum Kit for 10-clutches (Drum, Hub, Piston, Clutches, Steels)
These Powerglide drum kits are configured to use high performance frictions and steels, which significantly increase lock-up surface area and allow the drum to hold more torque. The drum is constructed from a high-strength cast steel and has had excess material removed to reduce rotating mass. Oil holes have been added to allow fluid to escape the drum and permit the piston to engage quicker. A standard needle bearing stepped into the front side reduces friction and drag while the high strength, forged-steel clutch hub is built extra tall to accommodate the additional clutch plates.

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TCI 10 Clutch Drum Kit

High Performance 10 Clutch Complete High Gear Clutch Drum

This Sonnax 10-clutch drum kit is optimized for Powerglide performance applications. Using the patented Sonnax 10-clutch drum system, the drum and piston accept 10 frictions and 10 Kolene® steels, increasing lockup surface to allow significantly more torque than modified OE drums. The drum features a piston bore that is .060" deeper for greater piston travel.

  • Complete 10-clutch drum kit with all related parts including installed PTFE-coated bushing
  • Kit includes 10 .060" frictions and 10 .060" thick, 12-tooth Kolene® steels
  • Excess material removed from high-strength, cast steel drum to reduce rotating mass
  • 6061 Forged aluminum piston will not crack at high operating pressure like cast pistons
  • Forged chromoly steel clutch hub with lightening holes

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Sonnax 10 Clutch Drum Kit

Smart-Tech 10-clutch drum kit features Sonnax's oversized piston with 35% more apply area than OE drums or Sonnax regular 10-clutch drum kits. The 35% larger piston increases both the engaging capacity and holding capacity of the 10-clutch system. Alternatively, it is possible to reduce line pressure or to use just seven frictions and have the same holding capacity as a regular 10-clutch drum, but with increased heat dissipation from thicker steels.

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Smart Teach Drum

10 Clutch High Gear Clutch Drum bare

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Steel Clutch Hub $35.00

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