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Reid Racing TH400 Case

Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Transmission Case
Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Transmission Case
Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Transmission Case
Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Transmission Case

Super Hydra 400 Transmission Case

The Turbo 400 is the favored 3-speed transmission today for high horsepower applications because of its light weight, minimal drag, and its tolerance of abuse.  As rugged as it is, there is one glaring weakness; the internal case "lugs" that retain the center support and pressure plate do not go completely around the inside of the case.  At high horsepower levels, the "lugs" closest to the gap become overloaded and they fail.  This sets off a chain reaction and all of the remaining "lugs" fail in a zipper-like fashion ending up in a ruined transmission.  Reid Racing, Inc. has redesigned the Turbo 400 to correct this problem and has added dozens of features that improve every aspect of the case. Just as with the renowned Superglide cases, Reid Racing uses a phenomenally expensive permanent mold casting technique for the Super Hydra 400™, which results in a massively strong, tough, ductile, and leak-free case that is 100% interchangeable with existing GM Turbo 400 cases.  Standard governor, speedometer, and wire connector feedthrough is featured in the case.  By using the same bellhousings as the Reid Racing Superglide, the two-piece design allows the Hydra 400™ to be used behind all popular engines by simply changing bolt-on bellhousings. The case wall thickness is sufficient to pass SFI 4.1 explosion requirements without any external shields or internal liners.  This increased wall thickness also provides the strength required for off-road applications such as rock crawling and desert or short course truck racing. Two separate cases are offered: a Drag/Street version and an Offroad version, each with features geared specially for its application.  Included in both versions is a new billet steel pressure plate and an oversize retaining snap ring.  The Super Hydra 400™ ensures that Turbo 400 style transmissions can withstand huge horsepower levels and its use will not be limited by the number of remaining junkyard cores.
  • Uses Reid Racing's full line of SFI 30.1 bellhousings for all popular engine families
  • Full 360° lugs
  • Speedometer and Governor provisions
  • Improved billet pressure plate
  • Oversize snap ring
  • Longer band anchor pins captured by oversize bosses
  • Numerous strengthening features address problem areas in the GM case
  • Additional dipstick hole on driver's side
  • Multiple external pressure taps allow monitoring of circuit pressures
  • Accepts all style oil pumps including 8 bolt and vari-pitch designs
  • Bellhousing and oil pump threads are heli-coiled
  • Machined for standard NPT fittings
  • Pre-machined to fit larger custom planetary gear carriers
In addition to all the above features of the Drag/Street version, the Offroad version also includes the following:
  • Pre-machined side oil feed feature for 4L80-E center support
  • Front band anchor tapped for custom ARP anchor bolt (supplied)
  • Pre-machined bosses for input & output speed sensors
  • Unmachined speedometer boss for maximized 4x4 transfer case load support
  • Oil line ports machined for -AN fittings
  • Available with a 4L80-E size pressure plate
SH400-Drag Super Hydra 400 Drag/Street Version *Out of stock ETA August 2019 $1,550.00
SH400-OFF Super Hydra 400 Off-Road Version Out of stock ETA August 2019 $1,650.00

Reid Bellhousings

Reid Racing Bellhousing

Chevrolet BH001 Shown

Cast from high-strength aluminum and heat treated for additional toughness, the bellhousing passes the stringent SFI 30.1 certification* and is approved with no external shields required. The bell features an open bottom for easy converter access, a reduced diameter for better floorboard clearance, and a contoured mounting flange to properly match the rear of the engine block.
BH001 Chevrolet fits all 90 degree V8 and 4.3L V6 $295
BH030 Buick/Olds/Pontiac $395
BH010 Small Block Ford 1966 and later 289-302-351c-351w-5.0L & 5.8L $395
BH020 Big Block Ford 429 & 460 $395
BH050 Modular Ford $395
BH040 Big Block Mopar 361-383-400-413-400B & RB icl. 426 hemi $395
BH060 Small Block Mopar 318, 340, and 360 $395

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